Got my iPod


I got my iPod today and just ordered another so if anyone has any questions about it you can go ahead and ask. :)


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My main question is with how it updates the mp3s stored on it. From what I can gather via Apple's website it syncs with the playlist in iTunes. This would be a problem if you wanted to keep your mp3s on the iPod and not your HD. The only solution I can think of is to mount the iPod as a HD, put the mp3s on it that way (not in iTunes), then go into iTunes and make playlists that point to the files on the iPod as the source. Not sure if that would work or not though. Otherwise it sounds like all you can do is mirror a HD on your iPod, which is a big waste of HD space in my book.


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ITunes doen't require the MP3s to remain on your HD though - presumably, once you've got the iPod synched to your playlists, you can delete the MP3s from your hard drive, but leave the playlists intact, or something?


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I believe that if you set the iPod to be updated manually, and not to update playlists or the music library automatically, you can store MP3s on your iPod without having them on your hard drive. This is because I think the iPod will erase files on its hard drive if automatic updating is enabled and it doesn't see it in the music library. That's why it's not good to use two computers to update your library on the iPod.

And, by the way, if you copy files manually to the iPod using it as a Firewire drive, the iPod won't recognize the music files. The music is stored in an invisible folder called "Music" on the hard drive, but I don't know if dropping music in there will allow the iPod to see the files. Anyone have any knowledge on this?

I ordered my iPod yesterday, so hopefully I'll get it by Friday (maximum Monday), and I can play with it and tell you guys if that works. :)


Sorry I can't give you the secound one it is for someone in my family :( who curently has my one at work so I will try to make playlists off the music on myiPod when he gets home. :)