Help! DVD Drive compatible?


I was looking for an external DVD drive and I came across this one that is iMac and Power Mac compatible. However, I have an iBook that meets all of the other specifications. Would this DVD drive be compatible with my iBook?

The DVD drive

Also, does anybody have any suggestions of a DVD Drive for a G3 iBook?

Much thanks.
yes, you can buy with confidence :D

the ony catch with external drives is that you will probably NOT be able to burn discs directly trough any Apple application (iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD...). This isn't because your Mac is not compatible, but rather Apple following laws, at keast that was what i was told (i don't quite understand the law, perhaps someoone can explain it).

Anyway, any other app such as Toast will work fine, so you can just burn it through that instead of directly through an apple app, it just adds an extra step. for example, to burn an iDVD, you have to go to "save as disc image" and then use Toast to burn that image, instead of just hitting the burn button in iDVD.

having said that, there are ways around it for some drives I believe, but you'll have to wait for the experts to arrive for that :/


I hope you've noticed it's a combo drive, not a DVD burner. That means you can burn and read CDs, but only read there is no burning from iDVD or Toast for DVDs.