Hotmail doesn't work in IE5b


I've found that hotmail doesn't work with Internet Explorer 5 (beta).

When I try to log in, I get the "Please re-enter your password" page. This despite checking & re-checking my password. I have another pop mail account as well, which (fortunately) works fine.

Launching Classic IE5 doesn't help either; it can't connect with the page.

I've since successfully connected & logged in, having booted up in OS 9, so this is either an OS X PB or X-IE5b bug.

You would think MS, having gone to the trouble of carbonizing IE, would make sure their popular mail app would work as well.

Any thoughts?
How ironic that Microsoft's own browser wouldn't work on their sites, yet a competitors' does...
Dont forget IE for OS X is also a beta and it states that Hotmail will not work in the known issues section of the read me.