How do I connect a wireless windows laptop to a mac desktop dial up connection?


Hi all,

I need some help! My girlfriends brother has a macintosh desktop that connects to the net through a dial up modem. She wants to share the dial up connection wirelessly from a Windows XP laptop.

Is it possible to connect a wireless router into the network card of the mac and access the dial up connection through the router? Do macs have Internet Connection Sharing?

If so what are the steps involoved to configur it? Please keep in mind I dont have much knowledge on this topic. i've never used a mac before either so I have no idea how to navigate the operating system. Thanks in advance :)
Hi, i'm absolutely brand new to the whole Mac world, though i do have a bit of experience in Win XP. I've downloaded the software mentioned above - ipnetsharex - but don't quite know how to use it in order to allow my windows xp pc connect to the internet through my mac mini's modem, using a wireless connection. my computers are seeing one another, and i can transfer files between them just fine, but i have been unable to have the pc access the internet through the mac's (dial-up) connection.

Any help that anyone could provide in how to do so, using this software or others, would be greatly appreciated. If the ipnetsharex, please describe how to use it -- what port numbers to change, if any, etc. Thank you.