How do you guys make your OS X look so darn awesome???


In OS X 10.1.2 (I never got to look in earlier versions), you can use this line in Terminal to change the format of your screen shot captures when you use Apple-Shift-3 or 4.

defaults write -g AppleScreenShotFormat [PICT | JPEG | TIFF | PNG]

This does not affect Grab, which still saves in TIFF no matter what.

If you are one of those that doesn't want to see the command line, there is a cute little utility called Tweaker, and it sets this preference for you. You can download it here, courtesy of VersionTracker:


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Originally posted by Tom Hackett

I remember seeing that screenshot before and as I recall it was a photoshop edit to show what a good dock would be like, but I don't think that any sort of program exists.


The one in the top left corner of the first screenshot? That's the Hotline client. Search for it if you're intersted. it's a file sharing/chat/news app.


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How'd you make that screne image into a jpeg? Grab saves images in TIFF format.

after taking my screenshots, i open them again in Preview. then you can select Export in the File menu to save as another format.