How To Backup Mac Thunderbird In The Quickest Possible Manner?

Terry McClain

I recently switched to a new company. As I am the sales head, I receive a lot of emails to look at daily. Earlier I was using Mac Thunderbird as my daily email client but now here it is mandatory to use Apple Mail. So I need to switch from Mac Thunderbird to Apple Mail. The only thing that I require is to backup all my emails before I make the switch so that I don't loose any while migration. I am looking for a quick backup solution that won't take long to do the backup procedure.

Thanks for the help in advance.
There are a few ways to backup your emails. You can use the archive feature within Thunderbird. You can follow the steps outlined here ->

This also a utility that once installed will back up your emails:

I liked mail backup x application more as compared to the other solution. This application is fast and shows better results instantly. It backed up my thunderbird application successfully. Thanks for the solution.