I just cannot work this out! help please


bobw said:
I think it may be an Airport Extreme problem, but not Panther. I have my PB on the Base Station now, (Snow - not Extreme) and it works fine, downloads anything.

I would try completely removing the Airport software and reinstalling and setting up again.

I really don't think it's anything to do with Airport. I'm using first-generation plain old Airport which I've been using with no problems for three years right up until Panther. There's definitely something wrong with the way in which Panther deals with downloads as the problem is still there even when using IE. Some stuff I can download like, for example, Safari from apple.com but the latest version of poisoned from poisonedproject.com keeps flipping back to the download page instead of downloading the .zip file. Tonight, though, when I clicked on the download link at poisoned, Safari quit altogether and I sent a bug report to Apple.

Also, Chris has already tried downloading directly over Ethernet and has got the same problem