iBook G4 wont start up after software update


I appreciate any help and advices anyone can offer.

i recently updated itunes ver8.. after completion, i was prompted to restart ibook.. from then... all i got was the progressing circle going on and on and on..
i do hear my chime then the apple screen with the progressing circle.. then it goes to a blue screen that is forever..
i tried to power off n on again, and its the same..
anyone experienced it?
i cant find my utility start up disk. can download from somewhere?

i got it checked at my local apple store, they told me its a software bug?? they dont have any ibook support to help me further. they told me that the hardware itself is ok.. if i cant do it myself, then i hv to send it in for an exorbitant charge..

any one?? pls??

Doctor X

You need the installation disks.

Or . . . you can see if you can beg for a 10.4 installation disk, do an Archive Install to save your data, and then see if that fixes things. Then use the ComboUpdates.



Ideally, you would use the Mac OS X install disc.

If you don't have it, you could try using another Mac - boot the iBook into Target Disk Mode (hold T on startup), and connect it via firewire to another Mac. It will mount in the other Mac just as a normal hard disk. Now repair the disk / permissions from the other Mac and see what happens.

It may help, but you would be better off if you could find someone who could lend you an OS X installation disk. I would try Disk Utility from that before you do the Archive and Install though - less hassle if it works :)