iChat bug? Added buddies ALWAYS offline



I've just purchased Jaguar and all is great except for this problem I'm having with iChat. I add my buddies from my Address Book by dragging vcards (AIM account info inputted) to iChat buddy list. The problem is they're always offline for some reason, when I know for sure they are online. I've received messages from my friend in iChat and chatting seems to work just fine. But whenever I initiate a chat by inviting my online (says offline on list) buddies, they're offline and can't chat. Any help? Similar experiences?

As always, thanks for the help.



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I have added buddies that show up fine, but I've not tried it using a vCard that already has AIM info inputted. Just for kicks, try adding a buddy without using the drag-vCard-over trick.



Yes. There is some weirdness with iChat when adding AIM buddies that I've noticed too.

Scenario: I'm switching from using my AIM account to a .Mac account -- In my case ebalch@mac.com in iChat is adding buddies from ErikTheHack's AIM account. The problem is the buddies in iChat don't show up as online UNTIL the buddy adds ebalch@mac.com as a buddy.

Strange no?