I'm pissed. G5 and Bluetooth upgrade issue!!!


Ok, I bought a new Dual 2.0 Ghz G5 about 2 months ago directly from an Apple retail store (Valley Fair, CA to be specific). I wanted my G5 with an internal Apple Bluetooth, but I bought one with the stock hardware because I didn't want to wait for a Build to Order G5. I figured that this wouldn't be a problem because I would just purchase the Apple bluetooth later and install it myself. WRONG! This cannot be done, you have to buy a third party D-Link USB bluetooth module and cannot buy an Apple bluetooth, according to an Apple rep. Why do they include the bluetooth antenna with every G5 Apple sells if you can't purchase the internal bluetooth? You may ask, this isn't much of a problem, right? Wrong again. I wanted to get the built-in one because I have a printer and scanner already taking up my current USB ports and I don't want to purchase an internal USB PCI card (which will most likely disable my sleep capability without drivers) just so that I can have Bluetooth ability.

There's 2 problems in my opinion:

1) The G5 being a Pro computer should have way more USB slots than the current G5's
2) Consumers should be able to purchase Apple internal bluetooth modules.

Does anyone have any suggestions that would not include buying a USB bluetooth module or buying an internal PCI USB card? Or does anyone know how I could get/aquire an Apple internal bluetooth module? I would pay a lot more than what Apple charges.

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Problem 1) Apple clearly states that Bluetooth is only available as a BTO option for all their systems PM G5, iMac G5, PB G4 etc. Seems like you assumed too much!

Problem 2) Apple generally does not make spare parts (electronics) available through their dealer network except on a return basis.

So the only answer you have currently is to buy a USB hub and use the D-Link Bluetooth dongle. Or wait to see if some enterprising third party makes an aftermarket Bluetooth module that plugs into the logic board connector. (I wouln't hold my breath on that one).


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speak to a non-apple retailer. it may be available as a "spare" part, they might just discourage it.


You don't state why you NEED bluetooth accept for your two USB ports being full. If that's the only reason then forget about the bluetooth and go buy a USB hub, you can find a 7 port hub for under $30.00.
There's no way anyone can put enough USB ports on a computer. I have 3 MAC's connected through a 4 port KVM with two 7 port hubs so that all TEN peripherals are available to all 3 MAC's with only 1 USB port being used on each MAC.


Looks like apple isn't giving us a free bluetooth module anymore when we choose the option for a wireless keyboard and mouse when selecting options for the g5 imac. Now you have to select the bluetooth module and then seperately purchase a mouse and or keyboard...So, I think we are actually paying about 50 bucks more for the same configuration... kinda a bummer. :eek:

*** as of 5 minutes ago they switched that selection back... thank you appple.


It is actually possible to buy the internal Bluetooth module as a service part. Basically, there are three items you need to get:

- Bluetooth module, part # 922-6201
- Bluetooth antenna, part # 922-5951
- A set of two screws for the Bluetooth board, part # 922-5846 (Qty 2).


From what I've been told any Apple Certified repair shop can order you the parts you need (and any part you have a part number for for that matter) but it's up to the shop's discression since these are "repair parts".

However, Mac-Pro.com sells the kit (screws, antenna, & module) for $99.99 -- http://www.mac-pro.com/s.nl/sc.2/it.A/id.1515/category.114/.f

I've never used these guys but they advartise every month in the back of MacWorld and Mac Addict -- The seem legit to me.

I'm sure there are others that sell the parts too on the web -- I think I saw that Small Dog Electronics did too.

Enjoy your Bluetooth-enabled G5 :D

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I purchased my PowerMac without BT and just today received my BT module from www.mac-pro.com.
Quick delivery, install was pretty easy. Works great! Check them out if you want to upgrade to BT. $99 bucks plus shipping.