Interface is not stable? What?


I have a Firewire Direct 20x/10x/40x CD burner (Firewire...obviously....Yamaha Mechanism) that always worked perfectly fine in OS 9.x. iTunes 2 does not support my burner, so I use Toast 5 Titanium Release 2 for OS X 10.1. The disk(s) burn fine, but when I try to erase a CD-RW disk, I get the message that the interface is not stable and that it can't erase the disk (whether it be quickerase or total erase).

Does anyone know why the hell this is happening? Is it OS X or Toast because I know the hardware is fine (it works in OS 9). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

The same thing happens to my USB ZipCD, but remeber, Toast for OS X is just a preview release so it isn't going to be fully functional yet
It is my understanding that Toast X P1 and P2 do not yet support erasure via firewire. I think that this is in the readme, although couldn't swear to it.
That is correct, Toast's erase command will not work for any burners. In fact, the Finder's built-in burner does not support erasure of CD-RWs either. Fortunately, you can erase them by using Disk Utility.
Well, I didnt' know that. Does the Finder's burner support *burning* to CDRWs in non-superdrive CDRW drives?

Here's my current boggle -- I just got a new EZQuest Boa 16x10x40 Firewire drive, and a FW cardbus card for my Pbk Lombard 333 (bronze). I had been testing out the burner using CDRW media, because I didn't want to waste CDR media in case there was a problem... of course, come to find out that while I could not burn CDRW's well at all in either the Finder or Toast under X, CDRs seemed OK under Toast (though glitchy in the Finder)...

Am I likely just running into a glitch in the s/w end -- Finder and Toast P2? Rather than a hardware or OS problem? (Burner and cardbus work great in Toast in 9.2.1, on CDRW media, and so does iTunes 2 under X...)