Internet connect error pop up


When starting up my mac book i am getting error message:

Internet connect: the selected communication device does not exist. please verfiy your settings and try again.

There doesnt seem to be actually any performance problem (i am connected) but it is simply annoying.

I am running parallels, but i am not sure its related to that.


I have the same problem exactly, everything works fine but this message along with the internet connect icon pops up everytime I start up the macbook, and it only started happening a month or so ago, I must have done something but I don't know what! Any answers out there?


This is somewhat old, but I thought I would help with a reply. This appears to be a problem with using the migration assistant from older OS versions. 10.5 and newer no longer have internet connect, and the complaint appears to be caused by a reference to a built-in modem (which of course, new intel macs don't have). The solution is to delete the file /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist and reboot. You will have to go into the Sharing system preference and restore you computer name, and adjust some of your network preferences as well, but it will get rid of that annoying Internet Connect message.