Internet through airport?


Hi All -

I have a Powerbook g3 2000, and I'm connected through an airport card to the internet via a cable modem. I was wondering if anyone has discovered / found out a way to get me onto my old network with my airport card on OSX, so that I can get onto the internet with it.

I'm pretty sure this is possibly, and followed some instructions on Resexcellence to make the airport card visiable, but I must be doing something wrong, cause I don't seem to be able t o access the internet with it.

Thanks in advance,
I was able to get the airport interface to show up with this method, but as I use the card in my G4 (sometimes running OS X), I was unable to turn the G4 into a software base station, as I was doing in OS 9...

Attempting to set up a router/bridge as I had done with other UNIX boxes yielded no result. I wasn't able to ping between my laptop and the G4, both with airport cards and manually assigned IP addresses.

The software configator mentioned above is obviously only for actualy Airport basestations (hardware).

I'd love more on this from anyone who knows...