Is it possible to link two apples?


Basically I have an imac that I can't use my new ipod with, but my buddy said I could burrow his powerbook that does meet the system requirements of the ipod to allow me to get my old music offf my ipod....

is it possible to link them and file transfer? Or do i need to use a thumb drive or burn a cd to transfer all my music to my friend's computer and then to my ipod?

I leave the country for a three month trip in three days, i need music on this ipod!!!


ok so i think i figured this out on my own....

I need to connect the two computers through the firewire, correct?

And then what do i do from there? Can I just select the files i want to transfer or will this transfer all my files?


Turn off the target computer.

Connect the firewire.

Turn on target computer while holding down "T"

Target computer should appear on the screen of the other computer as a drive. Open it and transfer any files you need.


You can connect the two Macs together with an Ethernet or FireWire (you may have to access 'System Preferences' 'Network' utility to activate 'Built-in FireWire') cable, turn ON 'File Sharing' (via the 'System Preferences' 'Sharing' utility) and simply drag files back and forth between the Macs.

In your situation, a USB (Thumb) drive would appear to be quicker, overall.