jaguar upgrade path?


i know there have been threads arguing about upgrade possibilities. right now i can t find anything on the website about 10.2 upgrade. so does this mean we re all buying full install versions?

i wouldn t be surprised after the debacle that the 10.1 upgrade CD caused.
I think this is crazy . . . . I bought Mac OS X 10 and it has just reached the state where I can use it all the time . . . . the idea of spending $129 for Jaguar is an insult . . . . They have not finished OS X and already want this kind of money is stupid . . . . I called the Apple Store and was told I would be getting a lot for my money . . . . I bet the new operating system will have a lot of problems and require many updates . . . . about the time it starts to run well I guess they will be selling 10.3 . . . . Apple should sell it as an upgrade for licensed users . . . . I am not going to pay $129 every year to have the current operating system after spending several thousand dollars for a new computer . . . I also think that Bill Gates Jobs has lost his mind . . . . If people would not order this software you would see the price drop, think different.
I will do one of two things...

1) Remove OS X and put Linux on my iBook. It runs faster than OS X.

2) Sell my iBook and buy a much faster Dell notebook and run Linux on it.
I will do one of two things...

1) Remove OS X and put Linux on my iBook. It runs faster than OS X.

2) Sell my iBook and buy a much faster Dell notebook and run Linux on it.

I don't quite understand this, unless you mean at some undetermined point in the future when 10.1.5 is holding you back. I know it is nice to have the most current version of an OS, but it is possible to go for quite a while with an older version, as long as you don't need some special new feature. I, myself, have run most of my computers one or two major revisions behind for long periods because I did not have the time to keep doing upgrades, and things were just fine. I just switched from 8.6 on my G4 within the last month because I was finally hitting that point.

Anyway, I know there are some users whose computer useage requires a more current system, but I think many users do not have this situation.

That said, I am still pretty miffed that it does not look like there is any discount planned for registered users of 10.1. I suppose it is a matter of semantics, but I associate this kind of price tag with something that would be termed 10.5 or something else indicating a fairly major revision (which is what they are claiming it is).

I don't think I will wait too long on this one, if the graphics speed increase is significant. My poor 400 MHz G4 really struggles with the present version.:(
What the heck is your problem? no one's forcing you to buy Jaguar. It is worth the amount. I'm sure you wouldn't be complaining if this was called 10.5, but since it's 10.2 you consider it "just an upgrade" although its not. And yes, they HAVE finished OS X. They just keep working on it to make it BETTER.
This thread, or the fact that it even exists, makes me very, very angry. I'm not usually a guy who says *I TOLD YOU SO*, but I do now, and I did say so. There were like four or five threads over the past few months discussing whether Jaguar would cost any money. Guess it was Apple's fault *NOT* to charge for Puma (10.1), because now there are all those guys thinking OS upgrades are usually free, which they are not.

Let's ask some simple questions in the line of this thread, maybe analogies help you:

"I saw M.I.B. at a theatre two years ago, do I get a free ticket for M.II.B now?"

"I have just seen that the new Mercedes C-Class models include (this or that new feature), will Mercedes upgrade my older model for free?"
10.2 isn't an upgrade! It's like an entirely new operating system! OS 8 was almost the same as os 9, am i correct? 10.2 is like os x also, but it has many new features! The aqua is different, it is much faster, when you minimize a window it turns into a tiny icon not on the dock, or it shows it on the program icon that the window is hidden. It comes with BRAND NEW applications! iChat, Sherlock 3, Quicktime 6, iTunes 3, new Mail program with spam filter, Address Book, and also the Finder is slightly changed! It has that cool search bar, so you won't NEED sherlock that much!
It's like a brand new operating system, and I'd say it's worth the money.
Kno what? NVM, I want it for FREE like 10.1.
Forget what i said!
jocknerd, you're gonna go buy something so as not to buy something else?

Apple does like to charge for a major rev, about once a year. Until this year, I have had the wonderful resource of my parents' money. Now, I'm on my own and poor. Anyway I'll just have to wait a little while longer, because around aug24, I'll be trying to pay for car insurance.

Or I could sell my tower for walmart brand pc with lindows.
...ooh but then i'd have enuff dough for a 2nd ipod.

Decisions must be made. Efforts must be doubled.
I don't mind them charging for it. I understand that. This is just way too much to charge. It works out to be about $200 Canadian. I can't afford to just shell that out every year.
damnit! i don't wanna pay more than 200 bux! well, my dad probably would, so nvm. maybe like a birthday gift he'll get me jaguar AND an ipod. but i also need a desk. and a dvd player. and the new widescreen imac. and a les paul. and a telephone. and socks. and a playstation 2. and an xbox. and a gamecube. and a mouse. and batteries for that mouse. o wait i have a mouse. and a dvd writer. and a lightbulb.
it would be kool if i got all of those.
people have pointed out in another thread that when you buy through the apple education store, the info you put in about your school is not really checked in any way...

not suggesting anything, just menioning and interesting fact.

oh, BTW>Educational price for 10.2 is $69. ;)
hmmm... you're not helping us cheat the system are you? I didn't think so. ;)

(1 Jaguar CD: $69, coming right up!) :)
I got 10.1 for FREE!
i walked into the store, asked how much 10.1 upgrade was, i was expecting something like 200 bucks. They said free, and i was soooo surprised! usually people are MUCH more greedy, and charge ridiculous prices for things. Like this. They should lower the price down to 50 bucks american. That sounds reasonable!
yeah ok 130 is too expensive, seems like it's a number that they got off of a graph somewhere.
"the gouge threshold" or something similar.
I still don't mind paying, but since i will have to buy a new scanner, printer, and still need to get my photoshop upgrade, that adds up.

ps for those who are interested: need a new scanner b/c i have a scsi one, new printer because it's adb, and PS7 upgrade because i only **remarks deleted** music!
I must say that I’ve been a little surprised by the reactions I’ve read (here and elsewhere) about Apple’s charging for the X.2 upgrade, etc...

The JagWire did not get made through an act of God or interstellar anomaly. It was made by a group of people working their collective asses off for a paycheck that they hope hope hope will still be there for next weeks gas bill.

Those who choose to buy the upgrade are, in effect, paying/rewarding those cats who have spent much much much time developing it.

The fact is that we live in a commerce economy…. It sucks, yes, but that’s the fact.

Mr.Steve and Apple are a company––––––––––they are not your friend, and they are not your benefactor.

In the Money-Monarch-controlled commerce culture, Steve is out to make a buck. That is the big picture, and until we change EVERYTHING, nothing will change.

Respects to all,