Laserjet Iiip, Mac Mini 10.4.3, Usb Belkin Cable Problems



I have an old Laserjet IIIp I'm trying to use with a new Mac mini. Before realizing that tiger had gimp-print bundled with it I installed it separately, so maybe that's the problem. Anyway, I use the printer setup utility, and click add, and it shows me a USB printer (without a name, that's odd.) I choose HP and then "Laserjet III Series," and whether I choose the 4.x driver or the 5.x driver, clicking add does nothing. No dialog, no spinning of the disk or the printer, just nothing.

Help? I know the driver supports this printer, and I know the cable in question (a Belkin USB->Parallel cable) works with gimp-print and even with this printer. Rebooting the Mac doesn't help, even if the printer is on and connected during the reboot.


I don't have a Belkin adapter cable, but I have also heard it is one of those that works with OS X. I would try installing the USB comm driver "usbtb" from here:
Download this: usbtb-1.0.5.ppc.dmg

This is supposed to give more reliable communication via USB-parallel adapters.

Be sure you use the driver HP Laserjet IIIP, Gimp-Print, not the HP-provided ones. (Or, it may be called HP Laserjet III Series Gimp-Print?)

Good luck.



I was looking for hours in internet to find a solution and then I found your post, downloaded, installed and it helped with a noname-cable. Now my old HP is alive again.

Thanx for the Tip gsahli!!

Good days, Sven:D


I have the same issue, wanted to keep the HP Laserjet lllP dinosaur in use but update to a Powerbook G4, and has some issues. I called HP, they really didn't know what to do as it's such an old machine. I bought a Dynex USB to parallel coverter cable, and used Gsahli's link driver, and just printed my first test page! Thanks Gsahli!


This was a great response, which I just used for getting an HP laserjet 4 to work with OS X 10.5.5. Thanks Gshali!


"install time remaining: less than a minute"

the installer has been displaying this message for 15 minutes, so far