Lombard PowerBooks and OS X


I own a PowerBook Lombard (333Mhz - 382Ram) running OS 9.
I'm thinking of putting os X on it but knowing that the graphics card(Rage pro mobility?) is not supported under X, I wonder if it'd be worth trying.
Does anybody use pre-Pismo Powerbook with os X and how satisfactory the performance is for those who do?
Thank you.
I have a Lombard 400 w. 320 Ram and it runs osx pretty well. Actually aside from games it runs everything i use it for perfectly (programming / graphics / school ) Of course the graphics card is not supported so that mean no DVD playback for me and no OpenGL support. And don't expect smooth perfromance from window resizing or minimizing. Aside from that mine runs fine. I also popped in a cardbus firewire card so now its perfect for me. Hope this helps.
Hey dude. I've got the 333 Lombard with 382 ram running OS X right now. I do 90% of my programming on this, and quite a bit of multitasking. My usual load is the MSN client, AIM, Project Builder, Mail, Terminal, and Internet Explorer. They all handle pretty well with only a minor lag which is acceptable.

But yes, because the video card is unsupported, QuickTime sucks! It is horrible! But I mainly program and don't care. I do strongly urge you to try it! I can't stand that classic wake time on a powerbook! There should be laws agains that!


I put X on a 400Mhz Lombard with 384MB and it is very, very sluggish. I can barely even use iPhoto. Moving around the finder is painful. After a while it starts to feel okay, but then I reboot into 9 and realize how slow X really is.

At the office we also have X on a Beige G3/500/83Mhz bus/Rage128/620mb, a G4/400/Radeon/1GB, and a G4/400/Rage Pro/512MB.

Of those machines, the G4s feel nice using X, the Lombard is painfully slow and the suped up beige G3 is barely useable.

I just got OS X 10.1.3 running on a 333 MHz lombard. it runs better than people said. Genie effect and all others are pretty good except the window resizing thing. But
the performance is sastifory and it's good. I have 256 MB of RAM but will get to other 256 MB soon to max it out at 512 MB of RAM. It runs great otherwise. I love it and it's portable UNIX LOL.
Originally posted by sequoiaman96
I have 256 MB of RAM but will get to other 256 MB soon to max it out at 512 MB of RAM.

Shoot, I was going to say that 1 GB was max. I thought for sure I saw (maybe at the MacAddict forums) that a user had a full gig in one. But I did some researching on MacMall's memory configurators and all 3 of them said 512 was max. Darn.
That's right 512 is the max for a lombard but for a Pismo is 1 GB...you must be talking about the Pismo. Most say it's 512. I never heard of anyone having 1 GB on a lombard. I don't think it's compatible. Smiles

my experience mirrors that of stephanec and G4Mystic. Not great performance, but good enough ( i don't do heavy graphics or games). Good enough of a trade off for me from OS 9, to take the performance hit in exchange for the stability, the protected memory, and the multitasking.
I run os x on my lombard and it works ok.. Why it's slow is because os x doesn't support the grafic card so all the 'cool' garfics of os x must be coop with out the grafic card. I was hoping that they would support it but it doesn't look like it, the have no plans to support it. If you run os x on the lombard there's a few things you have to be with out like grafic card and ir port.

But other then that I like it