Loss of (some) Audio In Tiger

Pete Bonner

Running Tiger on minimac - all been fine, but recently I have lost audio output from Safari /BBC radio player / Real player etc, I can still record them via Audio hijack pro so the out put is there but not listen to them live (weather Audio hijack running or not). i Tunes and CD player etc are unaffected and work perfectly so I know the audio output/speakers are fine.
Driving me mad - any ideas ? Tried sound prefs but all ok.
There have been many similar cases reported on these boards, and some reason nobody's ever quite figured out, simply loading GarageBand fixes the problem. Sounds bizarre, I know, but if history is any indication it's definitely worth a shot.
hmm...i have no external sound devices... just the plain ol mini mac by itself.
I'll try loading GarageBand tonight and see if that helps and report back here.

It's such an odd problem... the system sounds work, iTunes works... but like any audio in Safari or RealPlayer is like muted. so wierd.
great googly mooly!!!
It worked!
I opened GarageBand... played a sample song..... t
then i went to newsgrounds in safari and BBC and it worked!
what a interesting solution to such an odd problem.
GarageBand, is there anything that program can't do.

I had the same problem a while ago. I opened Audacity 1.2.3 and when I first went to play a sound I heard a loud pop, then sound disappeared in the same applciations Pete described. I ended up reinstalling Tiger to fix the problem. I wish I knew about GB!
yes I too had this problem!

It was fixed with the garageband miracle!! ;9

however great that is I cant use audacity 1.2.3 as it causes the same problem!
Im waiting to hear back from them about the new 1.2.4 update
Is this a bug in audacity that causes this problem or have other users experienced this with other applications running

My safari, real player was affected but also the finder
Plus I could not log off, restart, shutdown or access the title bar icons on the right?