Mac Powerbook Duo And Docs


I'm degree level in computer science with some years experience. S/W and H/W.

----- I have 3 old company Powerbook Duos, and 4 docking stations. They have old data on that I would like to recover and put on a PC.

The data is in compressed archive, written incrementally by Retrospect until the disc in the Doc - then huge at 2Gb - filled. My problem is that I have no disc big enough to extract the incremental archive to, in order to get all the files back.

Plan is to connect mac to local network [Linsys router and PCs running XP SP2] and hopefully map a PC drive as the recovery drive.

Problem 1
--------- One docking station works, and is cabled to a Linksys router over ethernet. ... so I am combat-capable.

Other docking stations have the 'ticking power supply' problem, and I remember reading a London Uni College tech report on how to fix the power supplies. It was a single capacitor which was the culprit, if I remember correctly.


Problem 2
--------- Cannot get DAVE to work properly to the Linksys router. It's complaining some bit of network or TCP software is missing. I suspect this is missing from an OS install. I think the powerbook Duo is running 7.5.1. Plenty of RAM and disc. I think it should have all it needs.

Q2: ANYONE A 'DAVE' Guru? Please get in touch.

Problem 3
--------- User is an idiot, so by definition may be tackling this the 'hardest way possible'. Here are some other bits of info:
a) Have MacLan on a PC and not sure what to tell the Linksys Router so it can see the Duo from the PC side.
b) Mac Duo system has CD-RW on it, but can Retrospect restore to CDs?
c) Don't have (and can't remember) what the CD burning software on the Duos was. I have a LACIE drive, so I assume I have some free stuff with it somewhere [in a box, where box could be in any of usual places following TWO house moves (ie activation energy is HUGE to attempt to find what I may not have anyway!!)]
d) have someone else do it. (If this is sensible, I want the person on-site here.)


At the end of this show, the equipment will be scrapped. If anyone helps me to a successful recovery of me data and would like the kit, then I'll put them in a draw to win the lot.

Lastly, I could crack this by re-booting all my old-mac skills, but it would be much faster to pick y'all brains.

Cheers and thanks in advance.

Matt Lee

Can you put a large hard drive into one of the docks, retore to it and move it to a more network friendly device.

Just a quick thought...