MacWorld Expo 2007 summary

Captain Code

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It is running OS X to some extent as it uses Safari(Cocoa Framework) and CoreAnimation(Leopard feature). I bet the kernel is similar with some stuff probably removed to make it faster.

Ceroc Addict

Ok, so the keynote basically focussed on just two products:

1) Apple TV - Lets you stream music/photos/video to a TV via Wi-Fi.

2) iPhone - Stores/plays music/photos/video and has Wi-Fi.

So surely, the "one more thing" moment should have been a demonstration of these two things working together? - music/photos/video from an iPhone being streamed to an Apple TV.

Must not be possible (yet?) (or else SJ would have done it). Pity to have lost the oportunity to nicely tie these two devices together in the keynote.