Mail Does Not Start


I have a PowerBook G4, with OS X 10.4.2.
The Mail app (I think version 2.0) has stopped working since yesterday. If I try to
launch it, the window opens and then it hangs without retrieving e-mail. In fact, it doesn't respond and has to be force quitted.
Have tried reboot and repair permission. Incidentally, the problem started after I downloaded the following updates

2005-10-20 18:42:44 +0200: Installed "AirPort" (4.2)
2005-10-20 18:42:49 +0200: Installed "Security Update 2005-008" (1.0)
2005-10-20 18:43:10 +0200: Installed "iTunes" (6.0)
2005-10-20 18:44:32 +0200: Installed "QuickTime" (7.0.3)

trash the from your home folder libary.
the system will create a new plist and mail should open.
Thanks. I had trashed the whole content of the Mail folder and that worked, but your solution is more economical. I'll try it if it happens again.