messenger id for adium not signing in



I've got adium because apparently it's much better and can combine my talk and msn messenger which would be great, but it doesn't sign in my msn id.
Currently, the options settings are as follows:
login server:
port: 1863
connect via http (checked)
check for new mail (checked)

I just don't get what the problem is. I connect by airport to my house internet.

And is there any way to convert wma files to itunes? It used to work on my PC :(




On my Adium i have 'Connect via HTTP' unchecked as well as 'Check for new mail'.
On the 'proxy' tab i also have Type 'Systemwide HTTP Settings' turned on. Although i dont know why.

See if yours works with these settings.

I think iTunes automatically converts them? Otherwise if you have Toast you can drag the songs into there and export as MP3. Atleast you could on version 8, quick look and couldnt find the option on v9.


Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
Remember that your MSN login ID is most likely your MSN/Hotmail e-mail address. I have to input my Hotmail e-mail address as the username for it to actually log into the MSN Messenger network.


I have tried the settings above but it still does not work.
It says 'connecting' .. 'syncing with server' and then comes up with an error


Had exactly the same problem. Went through all the settings, still didn't help. I ended up removing my messenger account and than adding it again. This worked fine and it retrieved my contact list, so no problems at all.
Hope this helps


Adium> Preferences> Accounts tab.
than select your messenger account than the minus sign at the lower left of the screen.
Than use the plus sign to add it again.