Modem access from Classic


I wonder if anyone has had any sucess in accessing modems from Classic applications ?

I do not mean using TCP/IP services from Classic, but actually being able to access the modem hardware to establish an application level connection.

My problem is that I would like to be able to send a FAX directly from my desktop and this would appear to be impossible in X. I cannot find a fax program, and I cannot access the modem from FAXstf in Classic.

Hi !

In the OSX beta there was something called "portreflector" which made it possible for OS9 applications (in classic mode) to utilize a network connection set up by OSX !

Search the web or forums for "portreflector" !

I'm not sure it will work but worth a try!


Thanks for your reply, but I think you must mis-understand my need. Port replicator allows you to re-direct IP ports between the Classic environment and the IP stack within the core OS.

I am looking for a way of allowing a Classic application to directly access the hardware devices as if accessing through a native OS9.x machine.

Actually I am looking for a fax program for OSX - might just have to write one!


And serial port looks very much like a file. Can you not open it from within Classic? Sorry, too much UNIX, not enough legacy Mac.

If nothing else helps, there is a UNIX faxing suite, HylaFax. It might compile under OS X.