Mouse speed resets itself when switching USB


Can't say that this is a problem of general interest, but perhaps someone else noticed it.

I have a 8600(with USB card) and a G4 connected to a LaCie monitor. The monitor is equipped with dual Video in and USB connectors so that when you press the A/B switch on the monitor you can alternate between the two computers and only need one mouse/keyboard. This works great. But when upgrading to 10.1 the mouse speed resets itself to the lowest speed when switching. On 10.0.4 (and 9.1) this worked ok, and the 8600 still works ok.

When I open the Mouse preference pane the tracking speed is at medium and I have to set it at fast every time I switch.


I am using IOGears Miniview so i can run one monitor, mouse and keyboard between my Mac and my PC and i have the same problem. It is fuckin annoying.

I just leave my System control panal open to the mouse settings window but hidden all the time so when i switch back to the Mac from the PC i can reset my mouse speed quickly.

If apple would reintroduce the use of the funtion keeps to launch apps and scripts I would just create a script to do it for me until they come up with a solution or something.



Hehe, the part about leaving the mouse settings panel open seems familiar.

I have noticed that if you have the settings panel open, the tracking speed indicator stays where you left it (at Fast) even though the speed seems to be medium. But if you have the settings panel closed when switching and then (at a slow mouse speed) open it, then the indicator shows "medium".

The same thing happens when you unplug/replug your mouse.

Looking in the /var/log/system.log:

Nov 13 16:12:38 localhost mach_kernel: IOUSBHIDDriver: Device not responding (likely unplugged) - stopping driver.
Nov 13 16:12:45 localhost mach_kernel: USB: 261592.744: [0x203BE00] USB Generic Hub @ 2 (0x9100000)
Nov 13 16:12:46 localhost mach_kernel: USB: 261593.250: [0x2693E00] USB Generic Hub @ 3 (0x9130000)
Nov 13 16:12:46 localhost mach_kernel: USB: 261593.549: [0x1B0B000] USB Generic Keyboard @ 4 (0x9131000)
Nov 13 16:12:47 localhost mach_kernel: USB: 261594.082: [0x2116E00] USB Generic Mouse @ 6 (0x9133000)
Nov 13 16:12:47 localhost mach_kernel: USB: 261594.201: [0x1FD5200] USB Generic Mouse @ 7 (0x9132000)

(I have two mice)

So the driver is stopped, then restarted again. But the driver does not use the preferences from the settings panel, it defaults to a "medium" value. If we only could find a way to change the driver's "built in" default value.

This is a type of problem that haunts me, I have a stack of legacy mac's for software testing (some of my customers still uses the original LC, the cheap bastards ). I have a 3*1 ADB switch to share one mouse/keyboard. If you switch to a machine that is off, for more than 0.5 seconds (like for turning it on with the power key) the speed is reset to sloooooow.

Why is it that these things always defaults to a value that you hate? I guess it has something to do with Murphy or something.