my feedback on OSX


okay, i feel that OSX is good work for the most part, i like what i am seeing being developed...going over the aqua GUI these past few days, i have noticed a few things...

1. Smart Scrolling is gone or very hard to find.
2. For the top left, "application name," it would be a good idea to have the "application names" change as the user Alt-tabs thru the programs.
3. Make it possible to change the "application name" to an in MacOS9 top right application name or icon.
4. Find a way to scroll through windows/documents on the right side of the dock, as of now, you must mouse over each item to find out what it is.
5. Finder, Mail & Sherlock and other elements of the interface should have the option for the buttons or interface to choose from: icon, text or icon + text.
6. Dock should have the option to be centered, left flush or right flush. User can also choose between the options to see the dock with icons, text or icons + text.
7. Love the terminal, console, CPU meter and all Utilities and Grab Bag application that are included. But please include gcc or some compiler.
8. Please allow us to have at least the same number of characters as MacOS9 for filenames.
9. Build a Firewall and VPN application into MacOSX
10. Include an option to utilize virtual screens (for more screen real estate), as in other unixes.
11. Foreseeable problem as you install programs into MacOSX, they could all be fighting for a space in the dock, programmers could have installers put an icon in the dock by default, then the dock would get filled up really fast.
12. Downloading and installing of programs need to be similar in ease of use to MacOS9.
13. Please bring spring loaded folders back.
14. The desktop should have a tight icon arrangement option as in MacOS9, snap to grid spacing vertically is okay, but not horizontally.
15. In the System Preferences, General Panel, the Highlight color function is buggy, it does not always work. For example, sometime the highlight color may show yellow, but in the interface or IE, it will be gray.
16. Please include an option in the Finder 3 column view to resize the colums, please don't make it fixed.
17. Please allow movement of any window by the side of the window or anywhere within the window, not only the top of the window.
18. It seems as though there is no hypertext linking in the mail it there and i just haven't found it?
19. Bring the tutorials back for the Machelp section. Have the help walk the user through the problem...remember the red circles?
20. Have tooltips show upon mouseover or mousenears the zoom, minimize and close buttons.
21. Have an option to bring back the platinum interface only on the window controls.
22. Have an interface tutorial application like which Apple has done in the past.
23. What happened to "show balloons"?
24. I know this probably won't happen, but is it possible to include a "Pro" interface, i know there's graphite, but i'm not sure that the IT directors and "Pro" users may feel that this interface is too much like a toy and not take it seriously.

3. Make it possible to change the "application name" to an in MacOS9 top right application name or icon.

Look in the "general" panel of System Preferences

8. Please allow us to have at least the same number of characters as MacOS9 for filenames.

You can have up to 255 unicode bytes in a filename.
(255 ASCII characters, 64 worst case with 4-byte unicode)

i feel that in MacOSX, it seems funny that it will allow only 22 char in the GUI, but actually 255, i meant in the GUI and thanks for the tip about the left icon, thanks, but the icon will not change dynamically like in MacOS9

I read your suggestions and agree with most of them. You should send these to Apple for a greater impact.