need to network this printer

Hi there. After looking at the printer, I would advice on an Axis print server. It connects to the old huge parallell-port and has a web interface. It supports all kinds of protocols, for all OS´s. It will give you an ethernet port on the other side, for your network.
What version of the 8100 do you have? The N and above models (N, DN, MFP) should already have an internal JetDirect print server and a 10/100 ethernet card installed.
is only said 8100 I know there is a 10/100 ethernet card on it. but if it those have the JetDirect print server how will I acess that to give this printer a static ip adress and how can I setup the clients ?

thanks alot mdnky you have help me alot with this info. they are all on 10.2+ and up one more quick question do I need the NOVELL=ON, protocol on the printer or only TCP/IP ?

also do you know how to setup ip printing on the clients I have done this for the pc never for the mac ..

thanks I dont think that the Novel protocol is needed but I guess I will find out those the queue name is same as the printer name ?