New iBook w/ some problems


Not an official "for sale" right now, but I have a Combo Drive iBook (the IceBooks) 500MHz, 128 MB ram, 9 and X.

There are two problems:

1) It fell off of a book shelf (when I triped on the charging cord) and the latch broke. It needs to be taken in to get this replaced (probably would be gone a few days, and a $400 charge since I dont have applecare)

2) There are some minor scratches on the back side. Dunno from what, but I hear this is not uncommon.

Any ideas how much I could get for this? It has NO dead pixels on the screen (my first one did and I exchanged it for this jinx one, and now it's got a perfect screen).

But it does have a working combo drive, with no problems anywhere else besides the scratch and the broken latch.

It really pisses me off how a brand new machine like this is so unsturdy, I should have kept my old blueberry iBook :( Never a bit of trouble with that except for a "cracking" handle and a monthly stuck orange pixel that went away with a simple tap.