not mounting cdrom in OSX 10.1


just installed osx 10.1 and although it seems like a definite improvement over the original public beta, for some reason its not mounting my cd drive. its showing up in apple system profiler, however when i put in a cd and shut the tray, it doesnt spin up at all, or even attempt to mount the drive.

is there a mounting setting that i missed somewhere?? or is this a potential bug in 10.1
its a 10.1 seed, my boss is an apple developer and gets beta's. the cd is not pirated, its black and white, its all legit. the machine had os x 10.0 installed previously without a problem. over the weekend one of the hard drives went bad and he thought it would be a good time to try the 10.1 seed. now for some reason the cd drive is not functional. any ideas :confused: sorry for the confusion
I have had this problem when using the beta version of ToastX, once burning a cd, the cd drive is no longer usable until restart.

I presume your problem though is a 10.1 bug (what build of 10.1)?