Os X 10.3.9 Update Killed Finder Burning


hardware: G5 (PowerPC 970), 1.8 dual, 1GB, 160GB

software: OS X 10.3.9

checked permissions, ran the combo updater for 10.3.9 on 10.3.5, re-checked permisssions--no obvious errors or anomalies during update

Finder will not mount blank CD-Rs. Dialog to name disc comes up, but disc never appears anywhere in Finder (desktop, sidebar). Disk utility appears to recognize the blank media, but this is not useful for burning cross-platform compatible CDs. Under 10.3.5, Finder performed as expected with regard to blank CD-R.

IODVDStorageFamily extension shows dependency error in Profiler, not sure if related to CD-R problem.

Any help gratefully appreciated.