OS X and Apache 2.0.x

Does anyone know of a downloadable Apache 2.035 .pkg file? I don't want to deal with the ./configuration.
Uh, yet to see a .pkg file for 2.x.x, but what is the final ./configure line i have to type in? Does everybody's install for 2 have to do all the steps in teh post a few above this one?
Originally posted by blb
This builds, but fails on install with problems in trying to install modules (.so) files...
If you don't use shared modules (via --enable-mods-shared or --enable-<modulename>=shared), it'll use static modules for the default ones. Which means it will compile and install.

The configure line I used (after my changes listed previously):
./configure --with-mpm=prefork --prefix=/Users/blb/apache2
So far, I've been able to read Apache's documentation with it, but haven't done any extensive testing.
OK, so as far as i can tell, if i do this iill be all set, correct me if im wrong:

cp -f /usr/share/libtool/config.* srclib/apr-util/xml/expat/conftools/

cd srclib/apr
patch -p0 < apr_patch_osx.txt
cd ../..

./configure --with-mpm=prefork

( i dont want the prefix in there, but if for any reason it was required, just let us know)