Osx 10.4 Screen Flash



I'm using OSX 10.4 combo on my g4 powerbook. My screen flickers or flashes when ever I use a OS9 files and sometimes the flash gets so bad I had to force quit/restart. inaddition, when I start the powerbook it takes longer then usual and there's faint line on the bottom of the screen. Any remedies for this problem?

thank you
Hm. I haven't ever heard about this before... So it's really just when OS 9 (i.e. Classic) is being used?
Are you sure that the OS 9 version you are using as version 9.2.2? If it's anything less then that might be why. Just a hunch.
It's a combo 10.4 so I don't know if I can intall a OS9.2.2 seperately. Inaddition, this problem comes and goes. somrtimes it last for couple weeks then all symptoms are gone. Actually, I had this problem before I installed 10.4 but it went away for awhile and now its back after tiger was installed. it flashes really bad when I open dashboard or illustrator CS.....HELP!!