OSX Server ... worth it?


I'm debating getting OSX server for use at home. Is it worth it? What I want to do is have a system that manages users at home, user storage space, 2 websites, an FTP and my email. I won't have that much traffic to the website or email so I'm not worried about that. But I was just gonna ask anyone if they thought it was worth it. Also, if I were going to buy it, should I wait a few more weeks until the update and get the server after Apple releases the 10.1 update? or does that not apply to the server?

If you are a member of an academic institution (student of staff) you can get OS X server for half the price I think.

I believe that most of that stuff that you want is already in OS X, just doesnt have teh nice GUI front end.

i run x server with about 30 stations that logon across a college campus. It works awesome. there should be a server update as well. rumor has it new server hardware will be released as well. the best part is you can be across the world from the server and still be able to log on. all that limits you is the connection speed. If you have kids, go for their education price.


the interface for the server apps is great. only complaint i have is that i administor 9.2.1 machines, so i use mac manager, and you cxannot log on locally atr the server. but i do use a new ibook for the mac manager station, and allows the server to set alone by itself without the possibility of a user fubarring it. this has allowed me to achieve awesome uptime. too bad os updates require a reboot. so the uptime will end in about 1 week when 10.1 is released =(
The significant difference between OS X Server and OS X client is the Server Admin application (a GUI), the Macintosh Manager application,
Netboot, and the QT Streaming server.

Basically, except for Server Admin and Macintosh Manager, what you want to do can be done just as easily from the Client as from Server.

Of course, I'm a Unix type, so I have not got a problem in dealing with using emacs to edit "flat" configuration files, and convincing Netinfo to do my bidding.

If you are intimidated by the concept of doing all of your "server adminstration" from the command line and a text exitor -- go with Server; otherwise client is fine.

And if you want QT Server, just go download it and install it.

Of course, you really do want the developer CD (10.1's tools are not compatible with 10.0 and vice versa.)

By the way, think twice about running an FTP server -- at best, they are very porus; use the web server for downloads.