Package File Shown as a Folder?


I have experienced a problem recently. Probably after the update to 10.1 or the latest security patch. All the package files (.pkg) are shown as a folder instead of a single package file. Has anyone experienced the same thing or know a fix for it? Thanks in advance.
Ok, I kinda found the cause. I moved my default Utilities folder out of the Applications folder in MacOS X. And of course the default location of the Installer application which handles the .pkg file is also moved. That probably causes the .pkg file unable to be recognized. The solution:

1. Move back the Utilities folder along with the Installer application to its default location.

2. Manually launch Installer to open the .pkg file even it's shown as a folder.
Delete these files from username/library/preferences...


Log out and then log in again and all is normal ! :)