Panther networking, automount, frozen Finder


My work has a few network volumes that I use frequently. After installing Panther, I noticed that if I shutdown/restarted with any network volume mounted, it would try to automount during the start up process.

The problem I'm about to describe happens to multiple OS X machines at work AND to my home computer when I VPN to the server.

At some point, the automount feature corrupts. Some part of it. The end result is that on startup, after logging in, a login/password connect dialog box appears, before the Finder can be used. Unfortunately, any attempt to actually use the dialog box freezes it and the Finder. Force relaunching the finder, holding shift down, then quickly pressing command K and signing in to the appropriate server is one of two work-arounds I've figure out so far. The other is only available once I've done the first work-around: I eject the volume, then reconnect, but this time before I press then connect button, I click on Options, select the first option, de-select the second option, then press "OK" (without pressing "save preferences"). This ends the cycle at work (until the corruption happens again). But at home, no dice.

The worst is when this happens at home, because I'm not connected to the network that the Finder is searching for. As a result, the startup process on my home machine is brutal.

I've thrown out finder prefs, weird little caches, anything that I thought would stop this. I've changed the hostconfig file to automount -OFF- (or whatever the syntax is). This is a user-specific issue.

Any thoughts? Help?


I am having EXACTLY the same problem:

Update to my thread:

Its NOT Fixed :-(

Attempted to delete prefs, to no avail prior to Archive and Install

Archive and Install worked, that is until you update to 10.3.9 again, then you will have the same symptoms :-(

Will do a clean install on Mon, but am going to have to carry over all the preferences :-(

I too would like to hear from anyone with suggestions!