Photoshop 7 beta Installer woes..


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I know this it's taboo to talk about this type of stuff, but I'm going to go for it anyways. This is intended for people who have installed the Photoshop 7 beta on their Mac. The one I have is beta 43.

I have tried to install it more than once, and each time I get an error. A permissions error, to be exact.


The installer asked for my admin password, so I would have thought that this wouldn't be a problem. Has anyone else with this beta had this problem? Thanks for any help, here. And before you flame me, I do own Photoshop 5 and plan on buying 7 when it's released .. I'm just hoping for an alternative to GraphicConverter in the meantime.


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well, since nobody else is answering - you get me. i have no clue as to what to do about this. but i might be able to help you with another alternative. i'm not sure, i haven't played with them yet myself.

go to my mwsf pics and commentary thread and scroll down to the last post i made about software and other stuff i saw at mwsf. there are 2 links to photoshop competitors that have trial versions available. who knows, you might even like them better.

so when did you get osx??

welcome to the club:D


Barking at the moon.
lol thanks man. I upgraded the monday of the Keynote, after I saw iPhoto. :)

I've got GraphicConverter which works decently .. I just happen to know how to use Photoshop. No biggie.


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I had no problem installing b43 on three machines. Where are you trying to put the app? I put mine on another partition, so there were no permission problems...just a thought.