PHP reconfigure


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I have PHP, MySQL, and Apache installed. I just realized after setting up the perfect system I forgot to configure PEAR and PDFlib in php, but I have no idea on how to reconfigure it. Can anyone help?
If you're using HFS+ for a filesystem, you're out of luck with PEAR, I think, because of the pear/PEAR file/directory that PHP uses. HFS+ <em>preserves</em> case but does not particularly <em>adhere</em> to case, so at some point there's an issue with there being a 'pear' file and a 'PEAR' directory.

Does anyone know if you can force pear or PEAR to be called something else?

So what you are saying is that i would have UFS a hardrive and install OS X and PHP on that, or could I just make a super small partition of ufs and install PHP/PEAR
Are you using 10.1?:(

If so, goodluck enabling pdflib support. Apple explicitely says they havent got it to work:p the people at pdflib are just starting to realize that there are problems with 10.1:rolleyes: and ive tried about every install routine possible and still no luck.

after gettings through my share of namespace errors and finding fixes for those, pdflib complies and installs just fine, then i rebuild php with --with-pdflib=<pdflib-install-dir> and it configures fine. php then installs without an error, but still wont find the pdflib functions. im sure im close to getting it to work, but im ready to put my fist through the preverbial wall.
Yeah this sucks, have you by any chance been able to get mod_auth_mysql to compile for apache??? We are close to a perfect development system, I really hope the php mods and apache mod guys will help move us to the finish line.