playing/converting .asf files?


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I just downloaded some music videos today that were in the .asf format. I know Windows Media Player plays them, but I really want a better solution. Neither QuickTime nor VLC will open them. Better yet, if anyone knows how I could convert them to some flavor of a .mov or a mpeg that would be nice.


Dear kommakazi,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but...

1. Only Windows Media Player plays .asf files.

2. Once a media file is .asf, they cannot be converted in to any other format. I have tried. Not even the mighty Discreet Cleaner can convert them.

3. There might be a third party shareware out there that does it, but unfortunately, I don't know any, sorry.

You can thank Microsoft for this, roll on Media Player 9 :rolleyes:


Ditto that. Sigh. WMP9.0. Is there any good with WMP9? I mean, Mac version, that is... I tested WMP7 I think... and it suxors. Caused many many crash... Sith Lord products are not good for Jedi computers.


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Parsing (read. decoding) ASF files is illegal as only Microsoft or licensed (read none) products can do it. There are some obscure apps out there that can do it, but all that devs I know of have been 'contacted' by Microsoft to discourage further development or even acknowledgment.

This has something to do with security by obscurity as well as built-in DRM stuff, plus some good ol Microsoft aberrant behaviour thrown in.

AFAIK, licensed programs can *generate* ASF files (read, Media Cleaner and others) but not read them. How people put up with this amount of crap doesn't cease to amaze me.



Like the majority of the world still run Windoze? Nah, I am not amazed nor amused anymore... this is why we are all here to mourn. Yes... mourn.