playing this rascally .avi file.


official breaker of macs.
it's been encoded with windows media format sound, NOT an mp3. but it is divx encoded. weird eh?
is there any way i can play this? i'll boot into 9, i'll install anything-- just tell me how to view this file!

hehe. thanks ^_^.

- boi
actually, it's anime. record of lodoss war... but i appreciate your intelligent input.

avi2mov only converts avi files that have been encoded with mp3 audio, not wma.
here's how i wound up fixing it, for those who want to know:

i downloaded divx doctor 2 ( and the wma codec (listed in the FAQs at and the 3ivx 4 beta codec ( i installed the wma codec (system 9->extensions->quicktime) and the 3ivx 4 beta codec (for both OS's). i then opened divx doctor in OS 9 (hit command-I and select "open in classic" if you're running X) and used that to convert the .avi to a .mov file.
it works GREAT!

just thought i'd pass along this information.

[ boi™ ]
Attention, everyone! Go to and download the Mac OS X Divx beta software. It works great, IS A QUICKTIME CODEC, is stable, AND includes a program for converting pesky Divx files to playable status.
I've got an *.avi file that I'm trying to watch, (no it's not porn). It's evidently a divX rip. I installed the 3ivx D4 decoder and it would play the movie, but there was no sound. Any ideas? I'm new with these quicktime plug-ins. My answer is probably quite simple.

Nevermind, Divx doctor fixed it. But they need to fix it so you don't have to convert. It would make so much since if it would just play...wouldn't it?
Alright, this is sh*t. It started out fine then about a minute into it the movie locked up and made a weird repeating sound. It was in full screen mode. It wouldn't respond at all. Even the keyboard was locked up. The caps lock light wouldn't even come on. I had to reboot my system. Any ideas?

For the record its a ripped movie that's not out on video yet.

If it's not a full commercial product, all bets are off. That being said, did you use the Divx® convertor, or a program from elsewhere?
No, I haven't used any other converters. Like I said before I'm still relatively new with the Divx stuff. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

-Dixon go to, search the Mac OS X downloads for Divx, and download the beta software; use the Divx Validator utility included in the download. You can also get this software from Divx at
I've got a second opinion from a friend. He thinks something is wrong with my computer and/or quicktime. Any comments. Again it plays, then it freezes rendering the computer inoperable. Hope I can get this figured out.