Problem playing Music/Data CDs Dual 1.25 G4


All of a sudden my Power Mac stopped playing music CDs or any data CDs that I put in the stock superdrive. They have always worked fine before and I have not changed any software I don't think.

When I put in CDs it thinks for a min. then just opens the drive door like it doesn't want the CD.

DVDs play fine. I can burn a DVD fine using Popcorn and IDVD.

Why doesn't my computer accept CDs all of a sudden? Could it be dirty or something? Very confused.

I have a Power Mac Dual 1.25GHZ G4. with running 10.4.2.

Please help!!!!
This sounds like a common problem, with superdrives... i bought a brand new one which had the same problem... no idea whats going on here but it's not software or firmware related. Try cleaning it just for grins.
I have the same problem with my Superdrive (Pioneer DDVR-103) which came installed on my G4 Single 867MHz Quicksilver machine. I am running OS 10.4.3. I have tried cleaning the drive via a cd/dvd cleaning disc and have seen no change.

Since it had worked for more than 3 years I tend to suspect some sort of software glitch. Maybe iTunes 6.0.1? or Tiger? Could it be some of my CDs have the hidden anti-piracy software which has gone awry on my machine? Please help.