Problem with iMac g4


I don't know if this is the correct forum, or if this is an OSX issue. However, a client of mine owns a iMac G4 when you start it up it freezes on the graphic of the Apple with the circle around it. It looks like it's starting up because the circle is rotating.... but it just stays ther efor hours.

It is difficult to troubleshoot this and if someone could just point me in the right direction it would be great.

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It sounds like the Btree, or volume catalog could be corrupted.

Grab yourself a copy of Alsoft's "Disk Warrior" - runs about $99 ( Make sure to get the most current version. 3.0.3 I think )

Insert the disk in the drive, and restart the machine. Hold down the "C" key while the machine is restarting to force it to boot off the CD.

Once Disk Warrior boots up, you need to repair the regular boot drive. Let the disk run, I have seen times when it has taken an hour or longer to read and correct a totally messed up HD.

Once Disk Warrior has done its job, you should be able to boot normally from the HD.

Once you can boot to the normal HD, run Disk Utility ( Located in the HD / Applications / Utilities folder ) and run "Repair Permissions"

This should do the trick for you.


Hi there

I had the same problem recently with a Mac at my workplace. The user had used copy and paste commands within the Mail application to move folders (!!) and this crashed the Mail app. Then he couldn't re-boot and got the same screen you describe, which sat there for ages.

I tried several things but nothing worked until I re-installed the system from the original disks. To do this re-boot the Mac and put the CD or DVD in and hold down the C button on your keyboard while it boots. Keep holding the C button down until you see the Mac symbol on the screen.

Once you've booted from the CD/DVD you can do a system install onto your hard drive.

This should sort it out.

Good luck.