Putty vs. Terminal (Copy from highlight)


I work on a PC at work, and sometimes here at home. In Putty, the SSH program I use for CLI, when you highlight something it automatically puts that information into the clipboard.

Coming from a long Unix background I'd actually like this behavior on all the applications. Highlighting anything should, IMO, copy it.

But that's not how the terminal works out of the box and I can't seem to find anywhere that would allow me to customize that. Does anyone know of a command to customize that for terminal or for a third-party app that does this universally for all highlighted text regardless of application?

Running OS X 10.5


Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
You could use the keyboard commands (Command-C for copy, Command-V for Paste, etc.) which is what I do on the Mac, but yeah I know what you mean. I know this doesn't solve the problem but at least it's some workaround.


I do indeed use Command-C / Command-V all day long... but like you say... it is lacking.

The thing I think Apple doesn't understand is just _how many_ copy/paste cycles I go through in a day. Being a UNIX software developer that uses the Terminal constantly... I am copying and pasting hundreds (if not thousands) of times a day... hitting Command-C / Command-V all day long gets old after a while...