Qt6 Public Preview


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Man this is insanely great :) No more boring nights for me :cool:. Does Quicktime 6 play DivX, 3ivX, or avi files?


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I guess this means QT6 is NOT Steve's announcement today? :cool:

I hope it's more than 10.1.5, though. . . .


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I don't know. However, there's a thread around here saying that Jobs and former CEO Sculley were both trying to line up the press for some announcements today. And then the rampant speculation began. ;) :p


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Dang! I'm going to have to pay for Quicktime Pro again due to "royalty licensing" issues.


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You have to restart after installing this update?

Jeezz, Apple is getting as bad as Microshaft with their updates!

Just load the new kernel extension with a shell script Apple!:mad:


The good news is that the 3ivx codec works, but mp3 audio doesn't work for me :(
again i can't watch divx movies before using avi2mov or divx doctor :confused:


...would anyone STILL need to use Avi2Mov? Use VideoLAN and all your divx/avi watching problems are over. No fuss, no muss. Check it out on VersionTracker. For 3ivx, stick to QT5/6, but for Divx or VCD playback (yes, VCD!!!), there is nothing better than VideoLAN.


Uhm...yes u can use mplayer/videolan but I want QT because I can use 3ivx and the quality is excellent. Other players like mplayer/videolan have no postprocessing filters or are cpu hogs, like Divx5 and every version of divx5 is old compared to the win/linux version.
And Apple must fix this Avi/mp3 problem not whe the users work around it, after all they want QT to be the greatest multimedia thingy around, so Apple fix this please :D


I tried to play an avi divx with QT6, it seems better than QT5 for me : with QT 5, i almost had no sound at all. With QT 6, the sound just skip regularly. I think apple is working on this issue. Maybe it will be good for the final release ? let's hope ...


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Is it possible to ENCODE files in AAC format?
It is supposed to be more efficient than mp3 and have better quality...


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An whattabout MP4 encoding/decoding?

That would be a blessing for my Final Cut installation...


QT 6 can export movies to .mp4 with aac soundtrack.
I have'nt tried to encode only a soundtrack.I'll try as soon as I go back home.
The quality of mp4 videos is indeed realy good, and the samples of aac sound on apple's website are impressive too ...
I'm waiting for a mp4 videoconference, so that I can see which quality I can get with my DSL connection !


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You can indeed encode only a soundtrack as a .mp4, it will just be a stub file with the sound track and the ISMA (?) compatability tracks.

As for divX... the big thing that avi2mov does is reorder the content within the file... the resulting file is usually smaller than the original .avi files, and plays full screen much better (IMO).

BTW-- buy the movies you see if you like them. Discussions like this are the kind of thing that set off the recording industry to introduce ridiculous bills that involve the FCC in setting guidelines or regulations on CPU level watermarking technologies... this is bad. Send a letter to someone telling them that you ARE buying movies and CD's... the problem is that everything they're selling pretty much sucks. ;)


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The only way I know to watch DivX movies is MPlayer... Check Version Tracker. This software is an early beta version (0.2 or something) but it works. Even with AC3 audio...

Only problem, Mplayer is a little bit slow, but I "only" have a B&W G3 300.


Originally posted by dani++
An whattabout MP4 encoding/decoding?

That would be a blessing for my Final Cut installation...

Yes, I'm using 10.2, Final Cut Pro 3, and Quicktime 6 - you can encode in MPEG-4 audio and video. Most options comply with the ISMA standards - you can adjust frame rate, bitrate, and overall quality. I'll post a screenshot later - I'm batch exporting to MPEG-4 now :) -- ohhhh the compression.