QuickTime 6 is released!!!!!!!!!


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There are new royalties to pay to the MPAA because the MPEG-4 format has new (read:greedier) licensing terms. So you'll have to pay again to get QT6 Pro (the whole $30.00 still...)
I can't wait to see how much MS's Corona (Windows Media 9) will suck compared to this! :) The current version of WMP has a pretty lousy format and even worse interface.

I just wonder exactly how Apple fixed the licensing terms with the MPAA, because QT6 has been finished since January if I recall correctly but they couldn't release it because of licensing.

MPEG-4 all the way!


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So I have the choice to either stick to Quicktime Pro, or download 6 and lose all the Pro features?

Even if I just want to have the fullscreen feature, and only want to encode two or three movies with an old codec like sorenson?




It is interesting how they release this 2 days before the keynote. Maybe they have other things planned to talk about :).


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Interesting that Apple release QT 6 just days after Microsoft told us about their new WMPlayer version...

And also very interesting is the "Upgrade now" button on the website


This is the new Aqua-look :) Cool.. i’ve never saw it in such a quality.


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but apparently the MPAA has been difficult about the licensing terms, and QT6 is a pretty big upgrade with full MPEG-4 support. The upgrade from QT4 to 5 was not as significant as this one.

I don' t really know how QT's licensing works, but it would be nice if Apple could change the distribution of QT:
They should still let you get the free version of QT Player that decodes everything, but change the Pro version distribution so if you want to encode video, you only have to buy the codecs you actually are going to use.
Plus, if they made QT modular like this, you would only have to buy a new codec license everytime the codec was updated, not every time Apple updates QT. Sure, Apple would want some money for developing a new version of QT, but since it is basically a front end for codecs like MPEG-2/QT/Sorenson whose licenses don't need to be renewed past the first payment (I think) then why not save some cash and only register for the new codecs? (i.e. not have lots of extra unnecessary licenses for MPEG-2 from each QT- upgrade?)

Case in point: QT6 currently supports Flash 5, not 6 - the newest version. If Apple made QT6 more modular, then we could just download a Flash upgrade instead of wait for QT7 (which will probably support Flash 6 the moment Flash 7 comes out :)
Actually, I guess that's a bad example because no one uses QT to author Flash - but you get the point. ;P

Somehow I am surprised that QT6 was released for OS X.1 instead of being Jaguar exclusive? Thanks Apple for not making us wait any longer!


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The xootblog is gonna be updated like crazy today. I think that iTunes 3 will be out today too. :)


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Well, well... After downloading QT6 and then upgrading to Pro ASAP I noticed this:

EVERYTHING DivX related went KABOOM !!!

Although you can use a trick or two to view some videos however QT6Pro after trying to move back-forth gives you the beach ball and that's about it ;(

I've known from QT6Preview that DivX had problems but I thought that with the final release would be fixed... Somehow someone at Apple does not give a cent for DivX ;(

Hopefully a patch for DivX, VLC, DivX doc, and other DivX apps out there would be released and then we will se how QT6Pro REALLY fares!

Finally, everything else works like it is advertised... However, I hope that iTunes 3 at 17th of July will give us MP4 support ;)


Isn't iTunes supposed to support all formats that QT supports ? I didn't install it because of DivX problems, but has anyone tryed iTunes 2 with mp4 files while QT6 installed ?


they released QT6 but haven't provided any content to make the install worthwhile. I want to be able to scrub the Two Towers trailer darn it! ;)


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Hmm, I just installed QT6 and the icon didn't change to the new one (look in the package contents and open the icon image pic and you'll see the new icon) and my key is still working and my divx works. Where is my new quicktime that i just installed?? -Ry :(


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Nope! iTunes does not support MP4, yet ;)

DivX support, if QT6 is properly installed, is nowhere to be found ;( Only if you do a few extra steps and then again KABOOM ;(

QT6 may work with older Pro5 keys but it will NOT support the Pro6 functions like MP4 authoring, internet movie downloading, etc.

However, after converting a WAV into MP4 even at 96kbps ratio the quality was above MP3's 160kbps and the file size was a LOT smaller... And the sound was coming from my 5.1 system and NOT some simple stereo speakers ;)

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I have to restart after installing Quicktime 6!?!?

What is this, a Microsoft product?!

Freaking lazy Apple programmers. Why can't they just start their new kext with a simple shell script?!


devonferns : no, it isn't microsoft, it is just deeply included into mac OS X ...
Last time, a friend deleted quick time files (to revert manualy to QT 5 after installing QT6 beta), the computer was unable to display a window.
He had to reinstall the OS .....
the difference with windows is that in windows, any program that modify the register (that's a lot) need to restart the computer ...


I just read on MacNN that Apple pulled MPEG-2 support at the last moment. I'm glad I didn't upgrade yet. In fact Apple removed MPEG-2 from their web page. Strange....