quicktime is SLOW


I have an iMac rev. a upgraded to a 466mhz processor, 192ram, 30gig hd. Quicktime performance suffers a LOT when I make a movie's window larger. It's insane. I can boot into OS9 and watch movies at bigger sizes perfectly. Does anyone else have this problem, or does anyone know if there is a fix?



from what I've seen, MacOS X does not seem to have full acceleration for the Rage IIc or Pro chipsets that were in the early iMacs

the difference between a Bondi Rev/b iMac and my iMac DV (with it's Rage 128, 400 Mhz G3) is amazing when doing basic things like dragging a window, a 300 Mhz Blue & White G3 with it's Rage 128 is also noticably smoother in any video related thing in MacOS X.