Reading small CDRW with Mac OS 10.2.2


Have a new CD Mavica 400 camera that writes to the small CD's when the CD are finalized works fine in a PC. Works fine on a Mac OS 9.2.2 after I install a the UDF extention from but don't know how to add that extention to OSX (when downloaded & unstuffed it becomes a document icon)
You shouldn't need to install any extension to read a UDF volume.

If I remember correctly, UDF is the volume format for DVDs, as such UDF is built into the standard system distribution.

Consequently, I'd expect any UDF disk to automatically appear on your desktop when you insert the disk. You don't actually say that you tried this...?
Yes I just put the CD in, it wants to initalize the CD. I frustration I called Sony & Apple. You may be right I think the UDF driver is only when the CD is not finalized (I finalized it) Both Apple and Sony think it is a problem with osx 10 and the superdrive and to watch for OS updates (I am running OS 10.2.3. Thanks for you idea's
Yes 10.2.4 or below to 9.2.2 can not read UDF 2.0 discs anything below that it can. Of course what ticks me off is that you actually have to finalize the disk. If you hold option Alt I in osx right after you put in the mini cd and hold that key combo... osx will try to open up the UDF disc as an ISO file... works pretty well, most of the time. Of course you can always use a usb cable.
I bought this software and it doesn't seem to work. Has anyone had success with it using the little mavica disks?

Are there any alternative solutions?