refurbish macs : good choice or not ???

are refurbished mac a good deal ?

  • yes, of course !!!

  • only if you are lucky enough.

  • no, not really ...

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Hello everybody !

I plan to buy a portable mac soon.
But this costs a lot !!!
Hopefully, Apple has just open a new service to sold refurbished mac, really cheaper.
Has someone buy a mac this way ?
Are you happy with your choice ?
Apple says there may be aesthetic imperfections, are they really important ?
finally : Is it really a good deal buying a mac with a 45% rebate ?


Rosie Moderator
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I have used Shreve Systems for refurbished parts and they were outstanding, with no problems at all.

You should compare their prices with Apple's new department.

The cosmetic blemishes do not impair the function of the machine. It might be discolored due to age of the plastic case, scratches in the case, or a small dent. They sell the machine because it is still (or has been made) in good working order. And it should come with a 1 year warranty.

MacTraders is another company that sells refurbished computers. 1-800-700-4413


Apple's refurbish service is not only for old macs. In fact, I'm mostly interested in recent hardware, that have been presentation hardware or things like that.
I don't think I'll use shrevesystems's services since I live in france : shrevesystems don't seem to have a french department, whereas the apple store have one.
Maybe I should have told it sooner ... sorry.