Remotely launching apps


I have ssh access to a MacOSX server 10.0.1. I don't have any physical access to it since it is about 900 km from I live. I need to install Filemaker in that computer. I can create a disk image of filemaker CD and upload it there. But how do I install it there?

I believe installation of filemaker requires launching graphical interface which I wouldn't have through ssh.

I do have a Macosx machine with me to administer the server. But how do I install program there through my macosx.

Also, can I launch a graphical program in the remote computer from Shell.

Please help,


hi simon1663.

You can launch programs via a remote console connection :
you must be connected with the same login on the console and the GUI. Else, the program can't access the display.
Once connected, just type "open the/path/to/the/app"

If the app is a package (, just give the path to the package.

After that, you just have to hope that there is no dialog box ...

Maybe the most simple would be to ask someone that have physical access to the computer to install ARD ..

Hope this helped

Jerome Duquennoy