replacement for at ease?


never thought i'd be doing this, but i've got a 3 year old daughter and i'd like to give her a login for OSX. of course, it's more safe than an os9 login, but are there any options like the old AT EASE program, which would give her a few icons to click on for her learning games? she doesn't really know the alphabet just yet, so obviously the terminal is off limits ;-)

i've already set up a couple of icons for her in the dock, but the old At Ease screen was easier for young kids.


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A 3 year old. You should think twice about this on OS X. I would give her an older machine to play with.


You can also restrict access to her account.
In System Prefs, select her user name, and click on "Capabilities".

I don't know how good this is as I've had no need for it - but noticed it and thought it'd be a good idea. :)


As Tormente said "In System Prefs, select her user name, and click on "Capabilities" " but then clcik on "Use Simple Finder" this is pretty much like At Ease.


Put a few aliases of the programs you want her to run on her desktop. Then set the view options to make them huge!



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A 3-year-old, huh? My 1-and-a-half year-old is learning to use the terminal. Of course I didn't give her an administrative password.