Replacement Superdrive

I sure hope so. I've got one on order.

If I read the OWC info correctly, PatchBurn is required.
There is not native support for the drive.
PatchBurn is only to activate the drive in Finder & iLife applications. The drive should work out of the box both for playing video DVDs as well as to read DVD-ROMs. With Toast, you can also use it for burning. PatchBurn will add support in the mentioned applications.
Man, I bought one of these drives and it would read dvd's but not cd's. Patchburn did see it, but I couldnt get it configured right. I sent it in on RMA and have a replacement drive on the way... will post results when it arrives.
I installed a DVR-110D in my G4/733 a few weeks ago. It works great. And with patchburn, the iLife apps see it as an Apple supported drive. I have no complaints.
I received my replacement superdrive (110D) and it seems to be working great. I can burn cd's, read dvds, and tested booting from cd. All works. Have not tried burning a DVD but have no reason to believe it won't work. I guess there are a ton of defective DVR-110Ds out there.
Got mine and installed Patchburn. The System Profiler went from
writing unsupported to supported by manufacturer. However, now
I just get the spinning sun when I look at ATA. I'll look into that
little joy when I wake up.

It reads DVDs and CDs fine. I haven't any of either to write at the
moment, but we''ll see.

The only other goofiness I've noted is that (apparently by slavishly
following the OWC install video) and setting the lower drive to
master), my keyboard eject button now opens the lower bay (and
option-eject opens the upper), and my "eject" menulet reads
backwards. "Upper" opens lower and vice versa. I'll switch jumpers
to top being master and bottom being slave/CS. That should fix.
Albloom, the technical term for the "spinning sun" you mentioned is "spinning beachball of death". Just so you know.