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By installing the Developer tools, you get a program called "AppearanceSample" (it's in Developer/Examples/Carbon/AppearanceSample/) Open it and then go into the "Misc" menu. Select "GetTheme" and it lists a bunch of things, like "Aqua" and "Blue" or "Graphite"! It also says "Sounds Enabled: No"! That means there *are* sounds in the first place, right? Does anybody have any idea how to change these settings? I would love to know if they are there, but Apple has turned them off (like the dock location thing), or if functionality just isn't there. I want my sounds back!

Oh, and this question goes to those of you who have made differnt themes with Themeinator: Does your theme's name show up instead of "Aqua", or is the Themeinator thing just a big hack?

Also, does anybody have any idea what the "SetThemeCursor" menu item under the "Misc" menu is? It seams rather suspicious.
Looks like OS X will have Themes and Soundsets but that it just hasn't been implemented yet.
Ahh, sorry to burst your bubble here, but the thing about the examples included with the Developer Tools is that they're just that: examples. When the example is named "Appearance Sample," it means that it's just an example of how to do things with the appearance and stuff. Most of the things you'll find in there are just random words inserted to fill space.
So I'm pretty sure that soundsets will not be part of OS X (bah, who needs 'em in the first place...). Although here's hoping for themes.
How could they...? I want my soundsets *sob*:(.

Wait a sec: It knew if I was using the "Blue" theme or the "Graphite" theme! It's real! (At least let me think that long enough so I can get to Apple's feedback page and tell them what I think about sooundsets!;))
I think Apple has to get the speed issue under control with OS X before attempting to make the OS any prettier than it is. If sound sets were released with the OS, I would imagine it would go something like this: click on a menu, 1-2 second delay, menu is drawn, move pointer down to menu item, let go of mouse button, action takes place, 10 seconds afterward, you hear the sound. I don't want sounds, cool as they may be sometimes, they are the foundation for bloatware, they simply are not needed. I find them an anoiance. I don't want anything being loaded into memory, especially in the boot process, that doesn't need to be there.
reading this thread, i realized chemistry_geek spelled some word like this: anoiance (i guess annoyance?)

i don't mean to be a dick, but it seemed like the funniest spelling of a word that i've even seen!


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